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Female sexuality is a funny thing. While men get a direct line to their libido that’s prone to fire off even in their sleep, women have to hunt down their sexuality like it’s a rare butterfly that only lives in one exotic tropical forest. No two ladies are built exactly the same; variations in genitalia are far greater for women than men. So what works for one may not work for another.

Perhaps it might not be so accurate to say that more mature women have higher libidos, as to say that it seems that way because they are more in touch with them. Mature women have had enough experience, both with their body and with others, to know what gets them off. They cut through the silly games that younger women still play. They aren’t too busy trying to be Disney princesses anymore. Mature women know what’s on the menu and have their mind made up before they get there.

But for all intents and purposes, mature women do have higher libidos than younger women. For one thing, sexual enjoyment at all ages is affected by outside factors, like stress level, healthy living, how much sex you’re getting, and so on.

Then there’s the hormones, which do indeed decrease with age at a pretty steady rate, but that doesn’t matter as much as how much hormonal influence your body was sporting in the first place. There’s sixty-year-olds out there with a higher sex drive than twenty-year-olds. This has less to do with chemistry than it does with life stages for women. Mature women have less to worry about and feel more secure. They’re running to the last of their productive years so they’re less concerned about birth control.

Speaking of birth control, that’s another thing that dampens young women’s sex drive. The pills and shots work by capping hormones at a dull roar, after all. They have the side effect of inhibiting sex. Add to this that young women simply haven’t had as much time to experiment with their bodies. A mature woman is more practiced, and, unlike a younger partner, has probably been introduced to two or three of those wilder kinkier ideas, and maybe even taken a liking to a few herself!

All this adds up to a more liberated person who can meet partners on an even field. The libido is always there, however, so no matter what the age, a good partner can bring it out of her!