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Well, it seems to be a rather obvious answer. Mature women are more experienced.

The shy, blushing virgin is certainly cuter and has that nifty new-girl smell. Of course, they’re attractive on their own. But in bed, quite a few of them are faking it until they make it. Yes, the modern Internet guarantees that no adult today grows up without Google in front of them, so they’ll all investigate sex for themselves. But there’s a difference between book-learning and street smarts.

Mature women are simply smarter from experience. They’ve seen more, they’ve tried more, and they know the difference between the shiny fantasy portrayed on the Internet and the much more messy reality of real life rocking the bedsheets. They know more about how to get themselves off, and more about what men really want. They’re also over the bullshit that younger teens are subject to; they play fewer games, have fewer illusions of perfection.

A deeper question might be, why are more men overlooking the teen-to-twenty set and turning to the older women? “MILF” and “mature” are two keywords which have skyrocketed in porn popularity in the past decade. This is because with a more mature gal, it’s easier for her to be authentic. The Internet has brought us the age of the phony; airbrushed and shopped supermodels with fake tits all identical and all barely material. Some of them even turn out not to exist at all, because “catfishing” and “ghosting” are both things.

When spammers clog a chat room, they all claim to be 18-year-old college lesbians. Nobody lies about being a 32-year-old mother of two with a few stretch marks. Men have learned that the mundane reality of the world is a mark of authenticity.

But yes, the older gals are always a better bang for the buck. A secret any married man can tell yo1u, if they married smart and cultivated an actual long-term relationship. Mature women are also more confident, which comes with experience. Twenty-somethings, adorable twinks and bimbos though they be, may dance around for months before they get to the point. If a mature woman wants you in bed, you’ll know all about it in five seconds.

Perhaps we’re seeing a shift in culture which is never going back. Modern times do have better living standards and better medicine, after all. Today’s 35-year-old looks about as good as a 25-year-old in the 20th century. We may look back at a time when 35 isn’t the “mature” age, but merely the “peak ripeness” age.